Hello world!

It feels weird blogging right now…I’m not exactly thinking in my head, and I’m not exactly thinking aloud. I’m thinking by fingers? I guess that’s how I’ll think of it for now anyway. Typing away, I’m feeling fairly awkward, as my roommate could look over at any time and see that I’m typing nothing important and that–HEY!–you mentioned me in there!

I suppose it’s no big deal though. My thoughts are my thoughts, but now they are extended to all of you, and as you read them, they become your thoughts. Interesting thought, eh?

So I guess the point of these blogs will be to share thoughts with and create a cranium connection between a bunch of bookworms and myself. We’re all just stumbling around on the internet, on the Earth, and upon new books, ideas, and phenomenon. And what does all of this lead to? Learning. The goal of any teacher.

From one teacher to another and another, I ask all of you to allow yourselves to explore english education and stumble upon whatever allows you to learn something new. How do you do this, do you ask? Visit my favorite procrastinating, self-teaching site, of course: www.stumbleupon.com. Now, I don’t recommend stumbling upon new information when you actually have work to do, but if you’re up for some light learning, there’s nothing better than stumbling some time away. You never know where you’ll end up.

Happy exploring!


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