Meet My Friend: Technology

As the world becomes even more technologically advanced, it seems to me that it’s advancing way too fast for me to ever catch up. Luckily though, technology experts have started to get smart. Make technology useful and useable for everyone! Even for technology dummies like me.

I can truly say Apple has helped me to come a long way. I’ve grown up with it, and I’ve grown technologically learning its products over the years. I-Movie 2011 is just another stepping stone that I am starting to master. While I am anxious, nervous, and dubious when it comes to new technology, if it helps me to express myself in ways I never thought possible, I am more than willing to take a stab at it.

I may not be the next Steven Spielberg, but I’ve compressed some of my main ideas for my teaching philosophy in a short two-minute video. Take a look into the future with me, and see what possibilities lie ahead for my classroom:

So what does technology mean to me? While I may be a little behind the curve, I am always willing to learn. As a teacher, an eternal learner, this is essential. To me, technology will always say, like a long lost friend, “To infinity and beyond!” The possibilities are endless with new technology constantly being created, so let’s work with the tech times and strive to fulfill all our wildest dreams.


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