Homeless, Honey

Poems Revisited Series #2

My mother gave me eight dollars.

Eight dollars to buy lunch, she said.

She said I look lost.

I look lost because I am lost; I am alone, without a home.

Without a home, I guess I am homeless,

Wandering around a strange world.

A strange world can only be so friendly

To a wandering, wondering girl like me.

A wandering, wondering girl like me

Would never tell her mother she is homeless.

Tell her mother she is homeless! The librarian says.

The librarian says this to my friend John because I fall asleep

Every night in the study room she is stationed in, and she watches me.

She watches me today, as I pull a crumpled five, three ones, and a clump of lint out of my pocket.

Out of my pocket comes the only home I know, and I cling to it.

I cling to it for now, knowing this eight dollars will at least buy me lunch.

At least buy me lunch? I’d asked my mother before leaving home, and so

My mother gave me eight dollars.





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