Speed Bump

My brother is amazingly optimistic through his entire UC journey. Even a minor speed bump can’t set him back!

My New Normal

Although things were going well for the first 6 days out of the hospital, I hit a minor speed bump that caused me to head to the emergency room and be admitted to the hospital again.

I was having a lot of burning and pressure around my stoma late Wednesday night and was thinking that I ate something that wasn’t agreeing with my stoma.  I had a bowl of cheerios thinking something plain would push things through and I could get back on track. Unfortunately, after staying up late on the couch that night for a couple of hours, I decided the pain was too much and decided to go to the emergency room.

My parents and Emily took me to the ER and after a few initial scans I was admitted to the hospital for a hematoma in the muscles and abdominal wall around my stoma.  A hematoma is…

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