She Finds Her Wings And Sings

The girl is as quiet as a mouse at first,
Barely speaking, barely even heard.
Her lips move, but nothing comes out.
The wings have been clipped on this bird,
But then one day she finds her wings,
And she sings and she sings with every word.

She’d locked herself in a prison of silence
For ages and ages, and years and years,
But she burst through the silence like fireworks,
Popping and shouting, screaming and singing in everyone’s ears.

Do not be afraid
For the muted girl sings.
Her volume’s turned up,
And her song sweetly rings.
This girl’s found her voice,
Like thin violin strings,
And she strums and she strives
To give her words wings.

*This poem inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem, “The Caged Bird Sings” and by my students who continue to surprise me with their weird words of wisdom every day.


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