100 Pictures Later: How Yoga Changed My Life

The Challenge

The very prospect of taking on something new seems outlined in silver or neon lights, or showcased by the toned arms of Vanna White. Hobbies always start out that way: new and exciting. However, hobbies have a dangerous way of tangoing the line of trends into true lifestyles.

When I began yoga a year and a half ago, I have to admit, I was drawn in by the amazing illusion of effortlessness in many Instagramers’ #yoga pictures. I was wowed by the possibilities of poses, the balance between strength and flexibility, and the pure artistry packed into a 1:1 ratio perspective.

The difference between just touching your toes in the water and diving into the deep end wholeheartedly is the moment you decide to plunge into the water head-first. Then, you don’t come up for air until you’ve fully lived there for a while.

100 pictures later, I’m coming up for air, and I feel lighter, brighter, enlightened. I feel stronger, more flexible, more balanced. I feel comfortable in my own skin and out in the world. Most importantly, I’ve not only learned more about my determination and focus as an athlete and human being, but I’ve learned that posting pictures isn’t just about the amount of likes you receive; it’s about the progress you are able to document and take pride in when looking back.


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I challenge you to toe the line, then cross it. Take the plunge, then hold your breath. Dare yourself to start something new (whether that’s yoga, pilates, random acts of kindness, or drawing), document the progress, and see if you can make it through to the other side: 100 Pictures Later.

And once you get there? Continue having the courage to dive back in, and enjoy the forever journey.

Best of luck with your new lifestyle change!









P.S. Top Ten Insta-Yogis to Follow:

1. @yoga_girl

2. @gypsetgoddess

3. @fitqueenirene

4. @beachyogagirl

5. @kinoyoga

6. @northcarolina_yogagirl

7. @yogalynzi

8. @simply_lydie

9. @getfityogagirl

10. @laurasykora

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!


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