Memoirs of a Teacher (Day 1)

April is National Poetry Month! For the month, I’ll be posting an original poem each day. Today’s poem features Newspaper Blackout Poetry, a movement started by Austin Kleon. Feel free to link to any blackout poems you’ve created, and I may feature them on my blog!


Text version:

Memoirs of
a teacher:
I have not yet taught
Albert Einstein
President of the United States,
but I
strive for
a great foundation,
grand schemes of
comments and creations,
I engage in the lifelong lesson.
snap into action,
stir awake the
challenge, the student.

#APoemADay #Day1

7 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Teacher (Day 1)

  1. sillisoup says:

    I’m so glad that News directed me to your post. I love the idea of blackout poetry, and I think your result here is brilliant. I’m a retired teacher myself and can relate to the constant struggle for inspiration amid all the challenging realities of teaching today. Also, I’m a profound proponent (alliteration in honor of Poetry Month) of lifelong learning, and I think that those of us who are teachers tend also to be lifelong teachers. Have you used blackout poetry with your students?

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