Let’s Have A Brain-to-Brain! (Day 7)

My heart thinks in my head.
My brain beats in my chest.
This feeling— Being heels over head—
Has gotten me quite stressed.

I would never break your brain!
Cross my brain, and hope to die.
I could never find it in my brain
To have a change of brain, not I!

My mother always said, “Follow your brain!
Did you know you only use 10% of your heart?”
I must heartstorm a solution for this wording cross-pollution…
I’m not heart-dead! This is not a heart-fart!

I’m in love with all my brain,
And you’re always on my heart, you see.
I wear my brain on my sleeve when I say:
You’re the hearts between you and me.




April is National Poetry Month! For the month, I’ll be posting an original poem each day. Who says you can’t use cliches?Today’s poem features wordplay with some common idioms about hearts and brains, for a (hopefully!) comical tone. Feel free to send me your punniest poems, and I may feature them on my blog!

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