10 Tips: How to Make it in High School

Zits, drama, skipping, SAT’s, boyfriends, girlfriends, are we friends? As a 25-year-old reflecting back on high school, I struggle to remember my struggles of a decade ago, but these are the things I remember.
I sometimes have students from previous years email me with friendly hello-how-are-you’s, but today, I received a special email from a student who is nervous that 8th grade is almost over. Why? Next year, she’ll be in high school, and she knows that’s a whole other animal. She asked me for some advice to help alleviate her worries, so I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tips for how to make high school the best experience possible for students like me…and you!
1. Keep track of assignments by using an agenda or a free app like Google Keep to help you stay on track with your busy schedule
2. Prioritize your studying! Studying doesn’t mean looking everything over from beginning to end, but looking over what you need to practice most first.
3. Make friends. Keep friends. Make new friends. They’ll keep you stress-free in and out of school.
4. Join a club for something you’re passionate about or want to try. Not only will it look great for college, but you’ll make friends in the process!
5. As much as possible, don’t procrastinate.
6. When you procrastinate, you should inevitably learn to speed read, write legibly while the bus is moving, and know how to ask friends for help. (Note: I said for help, not for their homework to copy. Copying = plagiarism = serious consequences)
7. Get to know your teachers, counselors, and principals. Yes, it’s scary that they’re adults, but they may be just the people you need someday!
8. When an awesome opportunity arises, take it, even if you’re scared or have stage fright or have to hold your breath to do it.
9. Start exploring what you’re passionate about NOW: Who do you want to be when you grow up? Not what do you want to be. Once you know who you’d like to be, you can figure out what careers might fit you.
10. Lastly, always, always take a deep breath, smile, and laugh it off.
Middle school, high school, and life can be terrifying, but not if you have all the right tips, tools, and most of all friends. Happy living!





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