Saudade (Day 8)

They call it in Portuguese:
That I should miss you
Though you are gone,
That I should still
Feel my heartstrings
Tug, tug, tug,
Though you have been
Settled slowly down into the soil,
Loved by Mother Nature
For such a long time now.
I never even knew you,
But seeing your name on the solemn stone,
But knowing your name is enough.
Knowing your name is enough
To feel who I have lost
For a hundred years hence,
And that is La Doleur Exquise:




April is National Poetry Month! For the month, I’ll be posting an original poem each day. I dug back into my memories today, pulling part life experience, part fiction to define a feeling we all feel, even if we don’t have a word for it in our language.Today’s poem seeks to define a feeling, an emotion. Feel free to send me your definition poems, and I may feature them on my blog!

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